Wilson & Silja & Seela

Father and daughter - Wilson & Silja, 2013

Father and daughter - Wilson & Silja, 2013




Fun in the snow, March 2009

Wilson's way of celebrating his C.I.B. title: to do some dummyretrieving in the snow, that's the best reward for him :) Also mother Sonya wanted to participate and rightfully so.

photos Viveca Lahokoski




An eveningswim in September of 2008




Fun in the snow, March 2008

Wilson & Sonya trying to teach Trazan how to JUUUUMPP!

It's like ballet, you just swirl around and enjoy the feeling..

Sonya & Wilson's "dance" could go on and on...

Time to pose for the camera, Sonya knows how to releax in front of the camera..
"Yes, I'm always this calm and queenielike" ;-)

Trazan, Sonya & Wilson in March of 2008




Trazan, Sonya & Wilson in December of 2007




August 2007 at the sea

Can you see something interesting there?

Hey, have you got something for us?

Look out! There it comes..

Wilson: "I'll get it!!"
Linda: "No, I'll get it!!"

Side by side

Triple splash

And out into the blue




At a lake in June 2007

and Wilson could go on swimming and swimming all day long

The Summer is crazy!

I'm gonna get you!

This is is Wilson's way to have fun with his favourite toy :)




May 2007

and afterwards Wilson cools off in a mudbath...

Wilson is sooo proud of his dummy

Wilson having fun in May 2007

Wilson & dummy

Riitta & Wilson




Toffedreams Scuff'n Puff "Wilson"